Is aging catching up to you?

Are you worried you won't continue making progress once your Physical Therapy visits are over?
Are you looking for a process that will keep you from injuries in the future?
Do you feel like your rehab didn’t get you to the exact point you need to be and want to explore additional options?
MAT is the perfect adjunct to most other modalities of therapy!

Have you had a recent injury that resulted in a surgery or Physical Therapy?

​Do you want to be sure your ready to take on a new exercise routine?
Would you like to perform your daily activities better? 
​Have you recently started exercising only to have to stop due to pain or inure?
​MAT can help prepare your body for physical activity!

Who is MAT for?

Are you thinking about beginning an exercise program?

MAT™ can be a valuable tool for a wide demographic of individuals.  If you suffer from any type of tightness or discomfort; are a regular (or not-so-regular) exerciser or competitive athlete; have trouble moving or keeping your balance due to aging or injury; have ever had any type of traumatic experience (such as a car accident or surgery) or injury (no matter how small); or want to be able to do what you currently enjoy doing for years to come, MAT™ may be of benefit to you!

Do any of these sound like you?

Are you interested in setting up an assessment with one of our specialist or discussing these topics in greater depth?
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Are you a competitive athlete?

Do you want to keep your quality of life as high as you can?
Are everyday activities becoming harder than they once were?
MAT can help make sure your muscular system is supporting you the way it's designed to!
Are you doing all you can to prevent future injuries?
Do you want to make sure part of your muscular system isn't holding you back ?
Would you be interested in a process that could get you past the "weak links" in your training?
​MAT can help you stay ahead of the curve!